Don’t be the stinky kid

We all remember in high school there was that one guy that hadn’t quite figured out the deodorant thing or maybe it was bathing.  It’s possible they didn’t care or had low self-esteem. Perhaps they were just oblivious that they were that way. They may have even been proud of it. You surely remember innocently walking down the hallway, when all of a sudden your sense of smell was attacked by that person’s foul, disgusting stink.

I’m certain and hope that over the years that smelly young adult eventually understood his offensive odor was almost a repellent, keeping others at a distance.  He then made a decision to change his ways. Learning the art and science of self-discipline and personal care and has grown into a successful productive member of society.

I tell that story to set the stage to help others understand how without really being conscious of our own issues we can be extremely offensive (stinky) with our attitude to those around us.

I’m writing this article to express how as an adult I became the stinky kid, not by a lack of hygiene but through the expression of my attitude. Those of you who know me will certainly relate.

I remember graduating high school not knowing what I really wanted “to do” with and for the rest of my life.  The same old song and dance the counselors, teachers, and parents bombard America’s youth with still to this day.

Before I knew what really happened I landed a job and over a number of years became successful in the field that I stumbled into.  What I didn’t realize was that I was slowly becoming the stinky kid. I remember feeling and thinking that there was something missing. I slowly started to resent the people around me as if they had some factor in how I got to where I was. That resentment began to build into a distaste for pretty much everyone and everything.  I felt justified becoming biter by blaming my situation on my employer, wife, or “the man”. Now that I had solidified and justified my bitterness, I put that chip on my shoulder and it began to grow.

I really started to like the quick witted sarcastic ways that I tore others down. At this point I still was unaware of why I was doing what I was doing. It was much easier to take the pressure off myself by projecting my pain and disappointment onto others than it was to admit that it was my attitude, so it was my problem. I went on for a number of years like this. Hurting countless people with the wake of my abusive stinky attitude.

I am very thankful to tell you that, over the last couple of years, I have become self-aware about this issue.  I am actively improving everyday and still repairing the destruction that was completely my creation.

My liberation would never have been possible if it wasn’t for the grace and information I acquired through my association with the organization known as LIFE.  Through reading, listening and associating my personal and professional lives, I am proud to say, are improving all the time! I now actively help others self-identity and assist them with the liberating information provided by the LIFE company.

I hope this article has shed light on how applying some information can and does truly have immeasurable and lasting effects. I also challenge you to take a step back and ask yourself how can I change? What can I do to become better? Have I become a stinky adult? In life there are only two options, we can choose to get better or get biter. The choice is yours.

God bless,
John R Oliva