Day by day

As each day goes by, I cant help but wonder why ignorance continues to thrive. Then I remember it was built by design, and that people cant see past the wool that had been pulled over their eyes. The lies we buy while just a child in innocence we reside. Why oh why did the prescribe such malicious lies. Praying on peoples ignorance should be a crime.


Production or plunder?

The American government was designed to serve and protect our land and our ideals. Is that what is going on in America today?

A free government, not socialist or communist, has always been developed to aid its inhabitants to sustain production.  It is designed not as a means of production but as a means of protection. A central government can only be given aid by its people for their protection, or plunder the people for their own protection.  It seems to be a continuing affirmation over recent decades that all presidents are raising taxes. Why? Is it for our protection or theirs? Seems like they are plundering us for their production. This must be stopped.

America is at the most pivotal point in American history, today, right now as I’m writing this and as you’re reading this. A study of Roman and Greek history absolutely predicts the demise of America. Just as the aristocratic leaders of history had plundered their people, we too are being oppressed.

The people create production, the governing entity provides protection. As soon as the government gets power hungry it plunders away its citizens productivity. If someone keeps taking your hard earned money, will you continue to work as hard as you  can to produce? An unchecked government will eventually destroy the very society which created it.

We the people are reaching a point where we will be forced to make a decision.

Let the government continue its free reign over us, surrendering the longevity of our country in the process.
We the people stand up and lead with influence & exemplify the correct ideology and principles in action. While holding the political sector to the very same standard.

Pick one. Because this is the future. Choose your side. America is in an idea war.

If you are concerned or fed up with the political structure, get informed on the proposed solutions.

The solutions are spelled out in a book written by real Americans. “LeaderShift, a call for Americans to finally stand up and lead” released April 16th, it will be in all Barnes and noble book stores. Get a copy and learn how we the people are going to take the power back.

God bless,
John R Oliva

Know thyself

To know thyself is to unlock one’s true potential.

One can’t even begin to understand why he is here until he first discovers who he is. Second he must understand how he has been gifted. Finally after his self-discovery he must uncover his purpose. This self-discovery process gives birth to one’s truth.
Our cultures potential has been significantly restricted by conformity, with a specific intent fit someone else’s gain. Don’t get distracted, seek truth to understand who you are, why you are here. Don’t waste this precious gift of life. Be the difference maker in a cause that matters, to you. I have a righteous anger toward the status quo’s system of oppression. In this system people are programmed to be distracted from their truth.

We as freedom loving Americans need to stand up and lead the change. We all know the political “leaders” in Washington will not make the necessary changes. They are bought and sold. Get your hands on a copy of LeaderShift. This book will show you the step by step process of how we the people are going to bring America back to freedom.

God bless,
John R Oliva