The illusion of time

Time is the most interesting illusion.  It’s the most valuable commodity we posses. It’s interesting how men can be selfish with their time.  Everything is weighed upon the value one can receive for giving up his time. Often time is spent frivolously living through professional sports, or various forms of escapism. Is this the American dream our fore fathers were thinking of?

“Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years.”-Marcus Aurelius

If we look back in history time was utilized differently. People would not just put time into a project they would invest into it because they knew that they would be maintaining a moral and ethical standard for the long-term.  Continuing to hold character, autonomy, mastery, and purpose atop the things which truly have the most value.

Today’s man is mostly concerned with;  “what’s in it for me”  Immediate or instant gratification. Few people today are willing to offer their time to a cause where a  long-term victory can be achieved. Everyone’s sights have been shortened, as if they were heavily intoxicated and can’t hardly see past the end of their noses.

I challenge you to challenge the paradigm of the status quo. To not be selfish with your time but  to invest it liberally. Not squander it on things that are unimportant. Our lives should be led with purpose for a purpose, and if we do it correctly we will achieve amazing results.

Are you going to create history with your time? or just be history? the choice is your option to change, will you?

God Bless

John R Oliva


The lost art of America

Being Americans we owe a debt to to our founding fathers. A debt which is filled with honor, blood, sweat, tears and a dream. A dream to be free.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” – Henry David Thoreau

Is being American a lost art form? I have come to believe this is true. Being an American isn’t as simple as living in a place, and understanding its history.

To me being an American is more than a label.  It comes from deep within ones soul. It’s the passion which ignites you to know right from wrong. It’s standing up for what is right, even when no-one else is willing to stand. It’s not only understanding the principles and history, but it’s maintaining and living out the ideas the founding fathers bestowed upon us. It’s the privilege to be living in the land of the free. It’s the honor of being born here to carry on, to carry on the most honorable debt of the dream. A dream which once was only an idea held by a handful of courageous men and women, who stood upon their ideals, morals, ethics, and principles. That dream is freedom.

It seems as if freedom has nearly been forgotten.  Perhaps  neglected, as if it has gone stale or has been left to rot, disregarded, perhaps left behind. Seldom to be spoken of. Living in a time where our battles consist of driving through traffic, or attempting to resist the temptation of losing ourselves in the trivial pursuit of technological distractions. It has become a battle of ease and affluence.  Daily, most of us maintain a level of security which has become our status quo. We have fallen in line continuing on a path of little resistance. Keeping things simple has become the mainstay for the masses.  Few Americans are willing to step outside their comfort zone in an attempt to pursue what they really desire. The masses have submitted, thrown the towel in.

I encourage everyone to take a second thought. To take a look back, make an attempt to visualize the struggle, determination and sheer will it must have taken those amazing people who paid the price to secure our freedom. They never submitted, they never gave up. With the most resilient resolve they chose to live the life they had always wanted.

I sincerely hope I can find the courage to at least make an attempt to become a shadow of the men who once fought for my freedom.

Don’t we at least owe our fathers the debt of at least making an attempt to sustain freedom for our grandchildren?

I resolve to be the best American I can be; not only for my family, my friends, my state, my country, but to honor the men and women who cultivated the thought of challenging the status quo. The people who sacrificed life and limb in pursuit of an ideal, the very ideal which gave us a chance, an opportunity to pursue our dreams.  We can never repay this debt,  therefore we must honor it.

Will you resolve to restore the lost art of America?

God Bless,
John R Oliva

The restoration of American culture

There is something going on in America today, something  unseen, unheard, and often unspoken.  It may be apparent to many of us, however it may not be obvious.  The people can tell something isn’t right.  The intangible concepts, principles, and ideals which paved the way for freedom in our land, have fallen victim to our modern culture.

A few years ago I remember being at a point of confusion and frustration in my life. I could tell something was drastically wrong, something just didn’t feel right. That lost feeling persisted for probably four years or so, until I realized that I didn’t know; what I didn’t know.  I then began to dig into information and knowledge about psychology, religion, politics, history, american history, economics, personal development, and leadership from some of the greatest minds in history.  During this  journey I discovered that I was lacking a significant understanding of what being an American actually was.

Being American used to convey many ideas. One example is that to be an “American” relayed the idea that an American believed there was a higher power and there was a greater purpose for each individual. Americans lived their lives in a way which entrenched this idea throughout their entire life.  In the founding documents the founders used the word “providence” (God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny). At the time of the writing of those documents there were over 1400 different forms of Christianity.  They understood that their writings had to be written in such a way, where they could be understood by many types of religion. They believed so strongly in freedom and liberty that they were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect these beliefs. In fact Thomas Jefferson lost his wife and son while he was signing his name on the founding documents.

The founding fathers fought passionately for the ideas they believed would keep our country free and prosperous. They studied the history of world governments.  There were many heated debates between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton about what type of society america would be.  They both agreed on a commercial society which is defined as a society that promotes the basic needs of the people and to have the opportunity to create wealth and prosperity(the american dream).  Hamilton wanted an industrial type of commercial society, where there would  be big organizations that everyone would work for to create huge wealth together. This would create a nation of dependents, who were dependent upon the existence of these organizations.  Jefferson wanted a nation of independents, small shop owners, farmers, land owners, and business men. This idea would carry more freedom and a better opportunity for an individual to earn his own definition of wealth dependent only upon his own efforts.   This is how America coined such maxims as  “the American dream” and “the Land of Opportunity”. As a nation comprised of independents will be a nation of independence.

The idea of a nation of independents flourished as majority of  Americans were mostly farmers and small shop owners until the 20th century. In the 20th century  our culture began to develop into an industrial society, where large companies began to employ many people. Many american began to come into town  from the fields and started working in factories.  This industrial revolution gave birth to the very ideas which Jefferson diligently attempted to protect society from. Hamilton’s ideas were now becoming dominant.  Soon the 16th and 17th amendments were passed. These amendments furthered Hamilton’s ideas of a top heavy system of people dependent on someone else for their economic prosperity, creating a nation of dependents.

For most of us, we have just followed the status quo of going to school, getting good grades, and attempting to get a safe secure job with great benefits and a retirement plan.  Not completely understanding how this would end up defining our life, our time, our loved ones,  our freedom, and how it takes so much influence away from our country. Freedom is our most important American ideal, without it we may as well change the name of  our country. For the very principle which America stood for is now in violation. A hypocrisy of American culture is upon us.

To achieve a restoration of American culture, we must restore Jefferson’s ideas which promote freedom and prosperity. In order to do this we must create a new revolution. A revolution where entrepreneurship becomes as American as the very idea which brought our people here in the first place. There are many affordable business opportunities for the masses. I recommend researching home-based business’. As there are many opportunities where you can begin to be rewarded based on your own performance. You can build your business part time which greatly minimizes the risks involved with conventional business’ or franchises.  Several home-based business’ can be started with a few hundred dollars. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

I am quite biased however, as I own an independent home based business:  We specialize in an affordable education of timeless principles of  personal development and leadership. With a primary focus on educating in the eight most important areas of life; Family, Faith, Freedom, Finance, Fitness, Following,  Friendship, and Fun.  Our main purpose is to assist individuals in the creation of a profitable home-based business. Our product is your improved life!  We are paying people to learn about and to promote FREEDOM!  This will create a ripple affect of freedom and prosperity which we hope will bring a much need freedomshift to our great country.

I encourage all of you to study in depth the ideas of America and to create your freedom. I enjoy the writings of Oliver DeMille. his titles include; A Thomas Jefferson Education, The coming aristocracy, Freedom shift, and soon he will be releasing a new book outlining the devastating effects from the forceshift of 1913.

I hope and challenge you to become an advocate for the restoration of American culture.  Develop your skills, become a leader and get active in your community.  Its our turn to protect America;  from the inside. We are responsible to ensure the sanctity of America for our children and grandchildren. Together we will make a difference and change the tide of our culture.

God bless

John R Oliva

Being the victim or becoming victorious

Frustration caused by the lack of a desired result, creates an option: suffer from the ease of self-delusion and maintain the ego or suffer the pain it takes to change the ego.

Everyday we are overwhelmed by the chaotic world around us. The busyness of the masses rushing to work to sell their time and build their bosses dreams. We all have many responsibilities to maintain our environments; personal fitness, relationships, children, vehicles, homes, etc. All of these chores maintain the existence of our physical environments. The parallel of this is the intangible interior of ourselves. The ego or the mind is the environment where all realities are determined and maintained. These determinations made in the mind have the most profound affect on the physical environment.

Most of us proceed through our lives giving little or no thought about how we have achieved our view of reality.  As children we had many amazing ideas upon which we had hoped we could turn the future into. We enter into adulthood, some going onto college others going straight into the work force. Time becomes overwhelmed with the responsibility to maintain our physical environment.  Many of us being overwhelmed with our view of reality seek fun or entertainment as an outlet, sports, consumerism, sex, drugs, alcohol, gaming, music, media, internet or TV.  This is the culture of escapism. These tools are used to assist the mind in evading the reality escapists believe they cannot change or are unwilling to change. We often look outside of ourselves for the solution, however we fail to realize that divinity resides within us. Whether we realize it or not, our minds are always in the creation process. While we are busy being entertained, our minds are busy working to create realities upon which our minds believe to be truth. The mind ends up convincing itself what “reality” is by means of the maintenance it is given. “you get what you give”

As we are busy living out our lives many of us become frustrated with things in our environments. Whether we become frustrated with people, jobs, goals, or the realization that the dreams we had as children were unlikely to manifest in our reality.  Our minds attempt to create an outlet for this frustration, which often comes in the form of Being the victim, blaming someone else, or making an excuse to ensure there is no damage to our ego. This can create a self-delusion where we believe our own lies to avoid being at fault.

Instead we can make the decision to confront our self-delusion and correct the situation at hand. This decision sounds easy, unfortunately it is much more difficult than it seems.  The mind does not like to admit fault (at least mine doesn’t). In order to obtain a desired result, not settling for mediocre, one must confront the lie or self-delusion the mind has accepted as reality. During the confrontation process we have two choices: suffer the pain of staying the same or suffer the pain of changing. Both have their own set of challenges.

Self-delusion is the water pill the mind takes to ignore the lack of results or accept being the victim.  Thus the mind has been sold the idea that it cant win, coming up with excuses and ideas to reinforce its self-deluded belief. This often comes out of the mind as a bitterness, or an attitude of resentment toward the world. We all know someone who is a jerk or has an attitude problem, as the frustration must have an outlet. The mind has accepted or believes that it has lost or cannot win.

Self-awareness is the understanding and confrontation that occurs when the ego makes the decision to confront the self-delusion and decides to Become victorious  against the status quo. This is not an easy road to travel, it requires diligent planning, hard work (kung-fu), checking to ensure the plan is being properly implemented, and making adjustments along the way to ensure the desired result will be achieved.

Either one hates changing enough to lose , or they hate losing enough to change.

In closing we are left with a question:

Am I willing to struggle and be uncomfortable long enough to change and acheive my victory?


Am I willing to create a self-delusion large enough to encompass all of my short-comings, blaming my situation, making excuses to protect my precious ego and settle for being the victim of my situation?

The choice is yours; live with the regret that you could not change yourself or do the kung-fu and become the master of your mind.

Persist until your weakness quits

God bless,

John R Oliva