The illusion of time

Time is the most interesting illusion.  It’s the most valuable commodity we posses. It’s interesting how men can be selfish with their time.  Everything is weighed upon the value one can receive for giving up his time. Often time is spent frivolously living through professional sports, or various forms of escapism. Is this the American dream our fore fathers were thinking of?

“Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years.”-Marcus Aurelius

If we look back in history time was utilized differently. People would not just put time into a project they would invest into it because they knew that they would be maintaining a moral and ethical standard for the long-term.  Continuing to hold character, autonomy, mastery, and purpose atop the things which truly have the most value.

Today’s man is mostly concerned with;  “what’s in it for me”  Immediate or instant gratification. Few people today are willing to offer their time to a cause where a  long-term victory can be achieved. Everyone’s sights have been shortened, as if they were heavily intoxicated and can’t hardly see past the end of their noses.

I challenge you to challenge the paradigm of the status quo. To not be selfish with your time but  to invest it liberally. Not squander it on things that are unimportant. Our lives should be led with purpose for a purpose, and if we do it correctly we will achieve amazing results.

Are you going to create history with your time? or just be history? the choice is your option to change, will you?

God Bless

John R Oliva