The lost art of America

Being Americans we owe a debt to to our founding fathers. A debt which is filled with honor, blood, sweat, tears and a dream. A dream to be free.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation” – Henry David Thoreau

Is being American a lost art form? I have come to believe this is true. Being an American isn’t as simple as living in a place, and understanding its history.

To me being an American is more than a label.  It comes from deep within ones soul. It’s the passion which ignites you to know right from wrong. It’s standing up for what is right, even when no-one else is willing to stand. It’s not only understanding the principles and history, but it’s maintaining and living out the ideas the founding fathers bestowed upon us. It’s the privilege to be living in the land of the free. It’s the honor of being born here to carry on, to carry on the most honorable debt of the dream. A dream which once was only an idea held by a handful of courageous men and women, who stood upon their ideals, morals, ethics, and principles. That dream is freedom.

It seems as if freedom has nearly been forgotten.  Perhaps  neglected, as if it has gone stale or has been left to rot, disregarded, perhaps left behind. Seldom to be spoken of. Living in a time where our battles consist of driving through traffic, or attempting to resist the temptation of losing ourselves in the trivial pursuit of technological distractions. It has become a battle of ease and affluence.  Daily, most of us maintain a level of security which has become our status quo. We have fallen in line continuing on a path of little resistance. Keeping things simple has become the mainstay for the masses.  Few Americans are willing to step outside their comfort zone in an attempt to pursue what they really desire. The masses have submitted, thrown the towel in.

I encourage everyone to take a second thought. To take a look back, make an attempt to visualize the struggle, determination and sheer will it must have taken those amazing people who paid the price to secure our freedom. They never submitted, they never gave up. With the most resilient resolve they chose to live the life they had always wanted.

I sincerely hope I can find the courage to at least make an attempt to become a shadow of the men who once fought for my freedom.

Don’t we at least owe our fathers the debt of at least making an attempt to sustain freedom for our grandchildren?

I resolve to be the best American I can be; not only for my family, my friends, my state, my country, but to honor the men and women who cultivated the thought of challenging the status quo. The people who sacrificed life and limb in pursuit of an ideal, the very ideal which gave us a chance, an opportunity to pursue our dreams.  We can never repay this debt,  therefore we must honor it.

Will you resolve to restore the lost art of America?

God Bless,
John R Oliva

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